Here is The Secret of a Man Who Loses 154 Pounds And Overcomes Diabetes

Kerry Hoffman is six foot and one inch tall and used to weight 343 pounds. He was diagnosed with diabetes and constantly enjoyed processed and unhealthy food. “I ate anything that tasted good -- chicken wings, pizza, stuffed burgers, tons of sweets and dessert,” says Hoffman.

His daughter was born shortly after his father passed away from liver disease, and these life events were actually a breaking point in his life, pushing him towards a new and healthier lifestyle.

Today, at the age of 32, Kerry lost 154 pounds and weighs 189 pounds. Cycling and triathlons are now his favorite activities, and he is enjoying a celebrity treatment because people keep asking him for health advices.

What is even more important than Kerry’s physical activity is the fact that now he is healthier than ever. Kerry will always remember when he heard his doctor announcing, “You have officially cured yourself of diabetes.” Moreover, he has no problems with cholesterol and blood pressure, and stopped taking medicines to control his health condition.

Proper diet is important if you do need to lose weight

This hero explains how fitness is not the only important thing, meaning you should also stop eating junk food, as he still avoids even today. “I eat mainly whole foods. I stay away from processed stuff as much as possible”, says Hoffman. “I never ate vegetables or salad before, and not two helpings of salad with homemade dressing is a staple every evening, as well as a fresh veggie.”

You will all agree that losing excess pounds is really beneficial for the overall health. This makes you feel super-light, full of energy, and your joints will be a lot less pressured. Losing weight at any age results in improved cardiovascular health, so start believing that you can actually be healthier, no matter what age you are.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are crucial for the weight loss process

Kerry Hoffman is not the only person that got rid of the excess pounds, thanks to the changes he made, regarding his physical activity and everyday diet.

Justin Willoughby shares the same destiny as Kerry. He lost over 550 pounds, attributing his success to replacing high-sugar food and processed meat with natural food and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Luis Melendez lost 120 pounds, and stopped using medications, thanks to the raw food diet.

Jennifer Lilley was also successful in the weight loss department, losing 70 pounds, mostly because she started including fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods in her diet.

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