Here is How to Prevent Sagging Breasts Naturally

Having a voluptuous bosom is a blessing for the most part and it’s something that most women will be highly proud of in their younger age. As you get older though, what was once a boon can end up being something of an inconvenience as those once perky breasts start to sag and elongate, heading rapidly south for your waistline.

One option is surgery but we never like to recommend dangerous, painful and invasive procedures when there are ample alternative solutions available that do just as good a job much more easily.

What Causes Sagging Breasts in the First Place?

Hopefully by now you should know that your breasts are essentially sacks of fat, connective tissue and milk-producing glands. Generally they begin to sag at the age of about 40, usually following pregnancy. The main cause of this is generally thought to be stretching of the ligaments, which can occur as a result of weight gain that makes the breasts heavier.

In short, you might think of your breasts as being like footballs attached by elastic bands. As those footballs get bigger, the elastic bands stretch and eventually they lose the ability to ‘snap back’ into place.

The Top Prevention Techniques

So what can you do about it?

One simple option is to try and avoid excessive weight gain (which you should be doing anyway). This will prevent the ligaments and connective tissue from ever stretching in the first place and in the longer term, it will mean you require less elasticity to keep everything in place.

This is why women with smaller boobs generally have fewer issues with sagging breasts. Getting droopy? Time to hit the gym.

What can also help then is to wear a more supportive bra and especially during pregnancy. This will help to prevent stretching of the breasts.

Nutrition can also do a lot for you. Specifically, ensuring you have a good supply of protein, calcium and vitamin C in your diet can help to encourage stronger ligaments and this can in turn prevent sagging.

Another option is to use weight training. While the breasts themselves do not contain any muscle, they are nevertheless located on top of the pec muscles and these are also what the ligaments are attached to.

Strengthen the pecs and you will raise the ‘starting point’ for the muscles. Take a look at female bodybuilders and you’ll notice that none of them struggle with sagging breasts (quite the reverse in fact!).

Breast Exercises

If you’re looking for pec workouts that will improve the position of the breasts then you should focus on anything that involves a pushing motion. Good candidates are the press-up, bench press, chest press and shoulder press.

At the same time, working on muscles that improve your posture and pull your shoulders back (those focusing on the lats, traps and rear deltoids) will also help to keep your breasts much more elevated.

Finally, remember that you can always create the illusion of perkier breasts with supportive bras and other ‘inventive’ underwear. There’s really no need to go under the knife!