Here is How to Get Rid Of a Headache And Lower High Blood Pressure Fast at Home

If you often suffer from strong and unbearable headaches or high blood pressure, try this natural remedy that will eliminate the pain in just 20 minutes.



Take a fine cotton fabric or some gauze that will serve you as a compress. Fold the gauze in 8 layers, and the compress should match your forehead. Dissolve 2 level teaspoons of salt in 8.5 oz/ 250 ml of hot water (60-70°C), in order to prepare a 8% salt solution.

Unhealthy diets and the consumption of harmful food items, like diet soda, alcohol and others are most often the reason for headaches.

Wash your forehead, ears and neck with some warm water. Soak the gauzes in the prepared salt solution, squeeze out the excess liquid and apply the compresses on your forehead, neck and around the ears. It is advisable for you to lie down, for the compresses to have better effects.

You will feel a relief soon, but leave the compresses for a while, and lie for another 20 minutes. After that, remove the compresses and rinse your neck, ears and forehead.

Salt compresses have the opposite effect of high salt intake, which often causes swelling and high blood pressure. These compresses affect your health condition through the skin and stimulate the elimination of excess fluids from the body. In this way, you can also treat swollen feet.