Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Look Younger Than Your Parents At The Same Age

Aging is a normal process that affects us all, so I am not quite sure why we make it such a fuss when we notice our first wrinkles or grey hairs.

Yet, there is one interesting thing related to aging- our generation looks much younger than the one of our parents at the same age.

Many would agree that our 30-year-old woman used to be considered adult, and looked it, while nowadays, you can hardly see a difference between a 30-year-old girl and a 20-year-old one.

Here are some possible explanations of this phenomenon:

1. Slower biological clocks

We all have our own biological clocks, but experts maintain that nowadays, more people age slower.

American researchers have investigated health and nutritional data of 21,575 people aged under 80 in the US between 1988 and 2010 and found that in some cases, biological aging, which is the wear and tear showing on the body cells, is slowing down.

The partly attribute these findings to changes in smoking, obesity, and medication use.

2. Non-smoking  

Smoking accelerates the aging process and endangers health in various ways. Due to the numerous campaigns that raised awareness, as well as the cigarette tax and the ban on public smoking, the number of people smoking has drastically decreased.

3. Cosmetics with sunblock quality

Nowadays, cosmetics and skincare products are of much higher quality than previously, and they offer great sun protection and thus prevent the signs of aging on the skin.

4. Improved dental care

Nowadays, dental care is on a much higher level than before, and a healthy, shiny, and white smile contributes to a much younger look.

5. Positive working atmosphere

Nowadays, people tend to bring positivity in the workplace, and reduced stress in combination with a relaxed atmosphere at work slow down aging.

6. Less push for responsibility

Our parents were forced to survive on their own, due to the unstable economy. Now, people do not have to plan everything ahead, and do not even have to leave their parents’ home early.

7. Mental vs physical engagement

Nowadays, youngsters are oriented towards jobs that demand a creative mind instead of good physical shape, so they are less exhausted and look better.

8. Women give birth later

Nowadays, young women take their time to enjoy their life and educate before having children, to postpone the burden and stress that comes with parenthood, that accelerate aging.