Herbal Remedies Against Spring Allergies

Mother Nature provides us a few remedies that can help against allergies (coughing and sneezing) during the spring days. Spring means different and new things for everyone, but for many people it means watery eyes, stuffy or runny nose and sore throat.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies every spring, you should not care for that anymore! Mother Nature made sure to provide us with several medications that can help us or to completely remove the coughing and sneezing.

Here are some of the best herbal remedies against spring allergies:

1. Chamomile

The powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile help with dry and itchy eyes. Hold for three to five minutes, cooled chamomile tea bags on your eyes. Repeat the process several times during the day.

2. Nettle

Nettle acts as antihistamine and helps to reduce allergy symptoms such as sneezing and itching eyes. Try with nettle tea (make this tea with nettle leaves), and drink it every day.

3. Mint

Mint is an excellent remedy for the respiratory tract. Your breathing can be improved if you drink tea from fresh or dried mint.

4. Thyme

Thyme tea has amazing benefits. This tea can treat cough and breathlessness caused by allergies, and has calming effect on inflamed throat. Use fresh thyme and make this tea.

5. Honey

Honey is a great remedy that relieves coughing and throat inflammation. One teaspoon of honey and a cup of tea can you really help you to get rid of your cough.

6. Ginger

Ginger relieves the irritation of inflamed throat and is very powerful in combination with honey.
Make a tea from fresh ginger:
In a hot water add 5 grams grated fresh ginger, and boil for about 10 minutes. Then drain it and add a teaspoon of honey. To calm the symptoms of allergy, also you can use ginger powder.

7. Hot pepper

Hot pepper is a rich source of bioflavonoids that prevent the release of histamine, quercetin and other chemicals that cause the inflammation and allergic symptoms.