Heinz Ketchup Is Banned! There Are 3 Main Reasons Why You Should Avoid It Forever

The aim of this article is to provide some info on the Heinz ketchup and give you several good reasons to avoid its consumption in order to prevent severe side-effects.

This ketchup has been banned in Israel, due to the fact that it is too low in tomato content, that it cannot even be regarded as ketchup anymore!

Yet, we give you three more reasons to stop buying it:

  1. It has no nutritional value

This ketchup involves no nutrients, no proteins, vitamins, fiber, nor minerals. T has a small amount of tomato paste which contains almost insignificant cooked lycopene content. It is actually based on GMOs, sugar, and chemicals.

  1. It contains high fructose corn syrup

The high fructose syrup in Heinz ketchup is made from GMO corn. Doctors claim that its regular consumption may increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  A recent study has also found that this high fructose syrup is abundant in mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal, and cause extremely serious health issues.

3- It contains sugar and distilled vinegar 

This ketchup includes sugar and distilled vinegar, and each serving, or a tablespoon, has 4 grams of sugar, which is quite much. On the other hand, the distilled vinegar is also made from genetically modified corn, treated with toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Moreover, it also has high sugar content, which has also been genetically modified. The consumption of high amounts of sugar, without any other nutrients or fiber, may dramatically raise the blood sugar levels and lead to liver and pancreas damage.

Remember that in order to improve your health and prevent various health issues, you should use only GMO-free, natural, and organic foods, and avoid chemical-laden products.

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