Heartwarming Story Of A Nurse Cat Who Looks After Sick & Injured Animals In A Shelter

We will never have enough of heartwarming stories, especially if they involve a cat. Do you know the story of Rademenes? It’s a little black kitty that survived an upper-respiratory infection.

The cat was brought to a shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, for euthanasia. Luckily, the kitty survived and got a second chance to live. Today, Rademenes helps other animals at the shelter.

According to staff members, Rademenes is their full-time nurse. The kitty likes taking care of injured animals, giving them a lot of loft and comfort.

You can always see him cuddling with sick animal at the shelter, including those who have had a surgery. The kitty even cleans the ears of “patients.”

Cats can sense your pain or ache, and the same applies to dogs. Have you ever noticed that your pet comes for a cuddle every time you feel bad? Trust their instinct, and enjoy their “hugs.”