Heartwarming Moment Rescue Piglets Try To Nurse From Fellow Rescue Kitten

A litter of thirsty piglets befriend a four-month-old cat and try to nurse from him.

True friendship knows no boundaries nor species- and this adorable group of companions, piglets, and a cat, proves it! A video reveals the amazing moment when rescued and thirsty little piglets tried to nurse from a cat!

Adrienne Jacobs, 32, recently rescued piglets from a breeder but soon figured out that it is too early for them to be taken off nursing. Adrienne runs the Wild Things Sanctuary in Union Point, Georgia.

The little piglets soon became friends with a cat named Mac, also a rescue, and quickly became fond of each other and started napping together.

Suddenly, one day, they started to nurse from the 4-month-old cat, and he let them! The entire thing left Adrienne very much surprised.

  • Footage shared by Adrienne Jacobs, 32, who runs the Wild Things Sanctuary in Union Point, Georgia, shows the moment a litter of thirsty rescue piglets tried to nurse from a rescue cat, Mac.

  • Adrienne rescued the piglets from a breeder and realized they had been taken off nursing too quickly

Adrienne said that her cat, Mac, loves them, and “he begs them to cuddle up with him”.

In the sweet clip, the trio of piglets can be seen lying beside a rather relaxed-looking Mac -- who keeps his head nuzzled towards them.  After the nap, in the next clip, one piglet can be seen affectionately nibbling Mac’s ear, before the protective cat puts his arm around its body.

The footage from day four explains:

“For anyone wondering if the cat enjoys it -- can you hear him purring?”

  • In the adorable clip, the piglets are affectionately nibbling the ear of the cat and nuzzling up to her

  • The piglets started trying to nurse from the four-month-old cat, and Mac let them

Adrienne explains that they are his best friends, and adds:

“People keep asking, what’s going to happen to this cuddle pile once the piglets turn into big pigs -- and this is your answer.

Nothing changes!”

At the end of the video, the pigs, now looking grown-up, are still napping with their cat friend, just like in the beginnings when they were saved and first met their best buddy.


Source: readsector.com