Heartbreaking Video Screenshot Shows Golden Retriever Abandoned By Its Owner

Heartbreaking Clip Shows Golden Retriever Abandoned By Its Owner

Two people recorded a heartbreaking clip of a woman abandoning her 13-year-old golden retriever and running to her car. 

A dog is undoubtedly the most loyal companion one can have in life. Dogs are incredibly loving and devoted pets, and their unconditional devotion to their family is simply ineffable.

Unfortunately, not all dog owners are fully aware of how truly blessed they are.

Two people, Brandon Price and Alyssa Ott, recorded a woman abandoning her dog. She hops out of her car prior to getting the dog out of the back, and the 13-year-old doggo starts to wag his tail.

Yet, she then walks a short distance with him, giving the impression they are off for a walk, and then turns back and runs to her car, leaving the poor pooch behind, alone.

Fortunately, the abandoned golden retriever was soon rescued by the I Paw’d It Forward in Portland.

The shelter shared the video clip and wrote:

“I would like to take a moment to use this entire ordeal as a learning experience and hopefully, in sharing this video, give others pause before contemplating abandoning your animal.

THIS. This is what a dog that has just been abandoned looks like. They are still here. They are still waiting. They are still searching for you to return. They are confused. They do not understand why the humans they devoted their lives to, have disappeared.

Most of the time, we don’t catch them right after they are left. Most of them never make it home. We do our best to recover as many as we can, but we know we are just a small blip on the grand scheme of it. There is no reason to do this. None. There are a bunch of excuses, but no reasons.

There are a whole slew of options available if you decide your dog is not for you, or your life has changed, or whatever you have convinced yourself is what you need.

Here is what I would ask of you: Instead of dumping your dog somewhere, offer him/her the same courtesy you offered him when you adopted him. If you need to rehome him, ok. But be patient. Find the right home.”

The post continued:

“All, please know the dog is safe and not available for adoption at this time. This dog will not be available pending an investigation into what happened.

We know this tugs at our heartstrings, but please know he is safe and being cared for. We will do our best to update if/when he becomes available.

We have the dog, the dog is safe.”

Heartbreaking Video Screenshot Shows Golden Retriever Abandoned By Its Owner

Soon afterward, the shelter updated the post, explaining they have identified the owner and will inform the public as soon as they have more information.

The incident is being investigated by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, which has urged anyone who has any information to come forward.

Brandon Price is currently raising money for I Paw’d It Forward via Facebook.

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