Heart-Stopping Moment 10ft Hammerhead Shark Stalks Unsuspecting Swimmer In Miami

While flying his drone over the waters off of Miami, one man captures a shocking scene- a 10ft hammerhead shark starts circling a man swimming

Swimming in the clear blue waters in Miami is certainly an exciting experience! However, what one man, although unaware of it, underwent recently, was electrifying!

While the unnamed man was enjoying the waters in Florida, drone footage caught the moment when he was approached by a 10ft shark! In the video, the gigantic hammerhead lurks just underneath the surface!

The incredible scene was captured by local Jason McIntosh, 41, who was flying his drone over the waters, 25 meters away from the area on November 15.

  • Drone footage captured the moment a man was swimming in the waters, and a hammerhead started circling him

  • The scene was captured on November 15 in the waters off of Miami, Florida

He said:

“I was flying the drone just checking out the south beach for taking pictures. My passion is to shoot wildlife in the ocean.

I’ve seen hammerheads out there in the shoreline before, but my eyes lit up when I saw the guy floating backwards swimming with the shark starting to circle him. I had no way to warn him.”

In the video, the man seems completely at ease, gently paddling on his back, unaware of the danger nearby.

At one point, he even puts his thumb up to the camera!

McIntosh added:

The shark was in its ocean. You can’t forget it’s their ocean, not ours. We are in their environment when we are in their ocean.”

  • The man floating in the water was clearly unaware of the danger

  • The shark eventually swam off, leaving the man unharmed

He later shared his video to his Instagram page (@jasonmac7), and followers have inundated it with comments ever since, claiming it is “epic footage.”

Mick Fanning, a three-time world surfing champion, who survived a shark attack while competing in Jeffreys Bay, Africa in 2015, was also blown away by the one-minute clip, and commented:

‘Holy s***, wow!!’

Fortunately, as far as McIntosh knows, the shark eventually swam off, leaving the swimmer unharmed.

  • Jason McIntosh, 41, recorded the footage and posted it on Instagram

  • His followers were shocked by the clip

  • Many were amazed that the shark left the man unharmed

  • Others praised the high quality of the footage, as it clearly shows the shark

Hammerheads are known for their ability to make very sudden and sharp turns, but according to National Geographic, they are relatively harmless to humans. These sharks love warm waters, so they often cruise in shallow water or near the surface for extended periods of time.

This is not the first time a shark has been seen in Miami’s waters recently, as two weeks ago, CNN reported that a 2,000lb great white shark was seen nearby.

Source: www.the-sun.com