Healthy Lunches

Ready-to-take meals sold everywhere can be high in fat and calories, making it harder to eat healthy and keep those pounds off. Lunch can be really unhealthy,  people eat lots of fast food, huge portions, or worse eat nothing at all. But some simple healthy planning can change your lunch. completely Healthy, well-balanced meals can be quickly prepared and can cost much cheaper than some junk food.

Healthy lunch sets you up for a high-energy afternoon and stops the evening binge eating. Our guide to good healthy lunch ideas will help you be thinner, healthier, and happier. Try these ideas and your body and wallet will thank you for it.

1. Hoisin-mango chicken sandwich

-Roast Chicken (Skinless). Chicken is rich source of protein, required to perform a number of vital functions in the body. It also contains many essential vitamins and minerals. In chicken you can find vitamin B6 and B3, necessary for fat and protein metabolism, carbohydrate, production of red bloods cells. Chicken is also rich in selenium, phosphorus, potassium, amino acid and zinc.

-Mango adds a dose of iron and sweet and juicy taste as well.

-Red onion is the best natural source of quercetin (cancer fighting nutrient), which may reduce sugar levels and lower cholesterol.

-Hoisin sauce kicks up the heat without packing on uninvited calories.

This sandwich is poor with veggies, so you can add some mixed-green salad and you will have tasty and healthy lunch!

2. Goat cheese, red pepper and fresh mint

-Goat cheese contains eighty calories and six grams of fat per ounce which means it is a good choice if you are trying to stay thin and fit. Also, this type of cheese boosts metabolism, and a study of 2012 proved that it is good for your brain.

-Red pepper is a good source of the carotenoid, which helps preventing prostate cancer, cancer of the cervix, pancreas and bladder. Peppers are especially rich in vitamins A, C, and K which prevent cell damage, diseases related to aging and also support immune system function.

-Fresh mint has sedative, disinfectant and cicatrizing properties. It helps liver function and calms indigestion. Mints are rich in menthol, menthone, vitamin C, limonene and antibiotic substances. It has good affect on the digestive system because of the menthol.

Roll up these healthy products in tortillas and your healthy lunch is ready in 10 minutes.

3. Chili-Spiced Salmon Salad

-- Canned salmon prevents cardiovascular disease, rich in calcium, vitamin B-12, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids and keeps you mentally sharp.

-Lettuce (torn into bite-size pieces) is a rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C and folates. It also contains vitamins, like vitamin B-6, thiamin. Considered as healthy low-calorie veggetable, lettuce is rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

-Avocados (diced) prevent growth of breast, prostate and oral cancer. Avocado protects eyes as well. Due to the high percent of lutein, avocado is known for its preventing characteristics  regarding macular degeneration and cataracts, two damaging age-related eye diseases. It is also good for keeping a healthy heart, stroke prevention and lowering cholesterol level.

-Pink grapefruit (sectioned) lowers body triglycerides. May help in weight loss, lowers cholesterol level and reduces the risk of cancer.

-Canned beets (drained and diced) are rich in vitamins C, B-6 and K and  magnesium as well. Beets have pigments called betalains which provide health benefits as antioxidant support, reducing the risk of heart diseases and lowering inflammation.

--Nuts (shelled and chopped)

-Red onions

In the mixture of these ingredients add some dressing, for example, extra-virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, fresh orange juice, mustard, salt and chili powder and your healthy lunch is ready!

We hope that we gave you some mouthwatering recipes with their healthy benefits, which will help you maintain healthy and tasty diet.