Healthy Fast Foods

If most of the time you work and have no time to cook and eat “junk food”, which usually means something full of fat and calories – we recommend certain products that are included in the category of healthy food, and have good taste as well.

Fish roe
Fish roe, actually – Caviar is rich in vitamins B, A and E, and also contains iron, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and calcium. It’s excellent in combination with rusk.

Whole grain bread

If you want a healthy and balanced food, and you can’t give up on bread, the best choice for you is integral bread, i.e. bread made of whole grain cereal. This bread is recommended for the nutrition of children and athletes, because it is rich in fiber, minerals and protein. It’s excellent if you practice any healthy diet, because contains less calories than white bread and fast eating. It is particularlysuitable for diabetes diet.

Marinated Corn
Corn is rich in vitamin B1 and folic acid, and therefore is recommended for pregnant women. Provides energy and is great for people who struggle with stomach ulcer.

Smoked salmon

If you like seafood, then you have certainly heard of Smoked Salmon. However, it’s recommended to include this product in your diet at least once a week, because it lowers “bad” cholesterol(LDL cholesterol) in blood and acts preventively against arteriosclerosis. It is excellent in combination with pasta.

Integral Rice

Integral rice is easily digested nutrient, and contains enough magnesium, vitamin B1 and folic acid. It is good for pregnant women and for people who practice gluten free diet.

Blue fish

Blue fish is rich in essential fatty acids, so it’s great in prevention of heart disease. You can combine it with pasta and vegetables.

Combine some of these healthy foods when you are on the run. Nutritional data for fat percentage, calories, carbohydrates and protein are supplied.