The Health Benefits of Kombucha – “Immortality Tea”

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Kombucha is a healthy beverage made of Japanese tea fungus -- Kombucha. Kombucha has been used in Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan for several centuries. The name itself -- kombucha -- originated in Japan in 415.

In ancient times kombucha was a privilege only for the royal people and it was treated as untouchable secret in Japan. Over thousands of years ago, the Japanese Emperor invited the Chinese emperor as his guest.

When the visit ended, the kindly host wanted to give his esteemed guest something valuable, as a memorable gift.


Of course, kombucha was the gift and so the chinese royals introduced the same regimen regarding the gift in their country. But the humane Chinese Emperor wanted to give his poor people gifts, so the mysterious fungus travelled all over the Asian continent towards the whole world.

Russia has a long tradition of using this healthy drink, called “tea kvass” in that area, and it is made ​​of the Japanese mushroom.

From Russia, the beverage spread to Prussia, Poland, Germany and Denmark but it seems to have disappeared during the Second World War.

After the war Dr.Rudolph Skelnar renewed the interest in kombucha in Germany when he started to use it in his practice in treating cancer, metabolic disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Kombucha fungus is composed of gelatin-like and tenacious fungal membrane with the shape of a flat disk. The fungus lives in a nutrient solution of tea and sugar, where it constantly reproduces.