Healing Power of Honey and Water Combination

Honey provides a wide range of health benefits including protection against cancer, heart disease, ulcers, and it also provides antibacterial properties. In this article we will cover some of the benefits provided by honey water.

Make your own honey water

Heat your water until tepid and stir a teaspoon of honey in it. Be careful, your should always use a wooden spoon. The resulting liquid resembles blood plasma. Honey creates a cluster compound in the water and the powerful combination will give you a wide range of health benefits. What is even better, honey water is easily absorbed in the body.

Healing powers of honey water

Honey water regulates digestion and activates intestines. This combination is ideal for people with lazy bowel.

It strengthens immunity, removes clots and aids in the treatment of bronchitis. Honey water also eliminates excess mucus from lungs.

Drink it on a daily basis to eliminate parasites from your digestive tract, to stop internal bleeding and eliminate toxins.

Regular consumption of honey water will increase your waist line slightly, but there is no need to panic. This occurs because your feces swells, meaning that it will soon be eliminated from your body.

Honey water regulates colon function. It rejuvenates micro flora and destroys dangerous bacteria. It is great for those who have uncontrolled urges to urinate during the night. Honey collects water, which allows your kidneys to function properly.

Drink your honey water

For optimal results, drink your honey water twice a day -- in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, and in the evening. This will help your kidneys to function much better. Drink it in several sips, as stomach valve opens and the liquid goes straight into your intestines too quickly. Eventually, the water ends up in the bloodstream.

Honey water will also improve your skin complexion, by making your skin tender, silky and glowing. If by any chance you did not know it, honey is one of the oldest cosmetic products in the world.

Source: www.dailynutritionnews.com