Headaches Reveal This About Your Health!

Headaches are common, especially nowadays, but before you reach for the nearest drug you have at home, you should consider a rather healthier, natural alternative, that will avoid the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals.

Namely, there is a trick which includes a banana and water and provides miraculous effects. Yet, it is not as effective in all types of headaches.

Hence, there are hundreds of different types of headaches, and billions of people annually are misdiagnosed when they seek medical help for the symptoms they experience. All headache types are not still not précised, and thus, the proper treatment of a headache varies.

Often, your headaches may be a result of a simple cause, like fatigue or dehydration, but at times, they may indicate a serious health issue.

Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD, an experienced neurologist, provides an explanation of the “red light warning signals” that are experienced along headaches, and how to make the difference between a temporary headache and a more severe headache type.

Therefore, it is of high importance to take some time and follow the symptoms you experience before you reach for medication, as they will tell a lot about your health.

There are four major and most common types of headaches, and all of them indicate an issue that you need to treat. Therefore, a suitable treatment is needed in order to treat the symptoms and the root cause of them.

Especially if you use them often, painkillers may fail to alleviate the pain, so we offer you some effective natural treatments to stop the pain. These are the 4 most common headache types:

  1. Tension Headache

This is the most common headache type, and it causes pressure and a constant pain around the head, especially at the back of the head, neck, or the temples. Also, it can lead to a radiating pain below and above the eye area.

It is not a severe issue like a migraine, and it is not accompanied by vomiting and nausea. According to experts, it is a result of the contraction of neck and scalp muscles, due to stress.

Treatment: You will benefit a lot from the use of ginger tea, which will soothe inflammation. Moreover, you can add peppermint oil to the hairline, which will cause a cooling sensation which will soothe the pain in the neck and head. This combination will definitely treat the pain due to a tension headache.

  1. Sinus Headache

This type of a headache occurs due to a sinus inflammation and causes great pain. The reasons are infections, often accompanied by a pressure around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks, and a fever.

Treatment: You should make sure your body is properly hydrated, so you should drink lots of fluids. Moreover, you can try to treat it with some warm soup, hot and cold compresses, or fresh ginger, which has potent pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Namely, warm water opens your sinuses and treats inflammation. Vitamin C is high in antioxidants and fights against, so you should consume foods and drinks rich in this vitamin, like oranges, lemon, or lemon green tea.

  1. Migraine

This type of a headache affects over 38 million men, women, and children in the U.S. only. They usually occur between the ages of 25 and 55, but this does not mean that people from all ages can feel them.

This is not just a painful headache, but it is actually an extremely debilitating collection of neurological symptoms.

It causes a severe recurring and intense throbbing pain on one side of the head, as well as other signs, like dizziness, nausea, tingling or numbness in the face, visual disturbances, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to sound, touch, light, and smell.

The pain radiates from the top of the face downward.

Treatment: You will effectively treat the pain due to a migraine by using vitamin B12 (riboflavin), magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. In order to prevent these attacks, you should maintain them on a healthy level in the body.

Furthermore, one study conducted in 2011 showed that aerobic exercise was as effective at preventing migraines as the preventative migraine medication topiramate, therefore, indicating that the regular exercise can replace medication and treat a migraine.

  1. Cluster Headache

These headaches usually occur over one eye, and men are more susceptible to them than women. It is recurring, and can attack in a group or cycle.

It causes a severe, unbearable pain on one head side, and at times, even a runny nose, nasal congestion, and a watery eye. Its reason is still not known, but it occurs when an activation of a nerve pathway in the base of a brain takes place.

Treatment: The main ingredient of capsaicin cream is cayenne pepper, so you should apply a bit to the nostril, in order to block the nerve pain signals and thus treat pain.

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