He Put 3 Sponges In The Refrigerator – When You See Why You Will Do The Same

Apparently, some simple and easy tricks can significantly change your life, as they can be more effective than slow and complex procedures. For instance, our fridge is the place where we constantly keep our food, and logically, it is prone to various smells that these foods give off.

So, out trick today will help you with these issues. You need to put three unused sponges in the drawer where you usually keep your fruit and vegetables, and you will get fantastic results!

Namely, they will successfully absorb the excessive humidity and will prolong the shelf life of your groceries. As soon as you notice the sponges to becoming wet due to the moisture they have absorbed, replace them with other ones.

Furthermore, in order to eliminate the smell of onion and garlic while chopping, you should just do a simple toothpaste trick.

The video below will reveal a few extremely useful and easy tricks that will help you in your everyday routines: