Guy Reveals How He Helped Out A Woman Who Was Being Followed By Three Strangers

We are more and more aware that in today’s world, there are humans, but we can’t say the same for humanity. It is really a rare thing to witness a kind act, and that’s why we appreciate kindness even more.

A twitter user shared something, which brings us hope for mankind. He was walking, trying to catch the train, when a woman, who was a total stranger, approached him and cried for help, asking him to act as if they knew each other, so that she can go home safely.

At first, he didn’t know if he should believe her, but after seeing the fear in her eyes, he knew she wasn’t lying, so he walked her home.

This is the whole story:

This went viral and got more than 380.3k likes and over 60.1k retweets. A woman commented: “”Thank you from all the women who’ve had this experience and for the men who helped. This is a more common experience than many know.”

After experiencing this, the man said it really shook him, giving him a dark glimpse into the ‘world of women’.

We don’t know what would have happened if a different person had crossed that woman’s path and chose not to help her.

Who can say they would get involved in such a situation to help a complete stranger? This story is a proof that there are still heroes among us.