Here is How to Grow a Lemon Tree in a Cup

Yes, you read it right- you can now grow a lemon tree in a cup! All you need is several lemon seeds and a little soil.

This is what to do:

-pick the biggest lemon seeds and remove the external cover.


-Pour some water over them, and leave them thus for a week. You should change the water daily.


-At the bottom of a cup, or a smaller pot, place several stones, and then fill it with wet soil.

-Place the lemon seeds on the ground, but make sure you leave enough space between them. Also, their pointy end should face down.


-Next, use coarse sand or gravel to cover the seeds.

-Every 2-3 days, you should spray the surface in order to stimulate the growth of the lemon tree.


-In only a week, you will notice the first stalks.


-In around 3-5 months, the stems will be grown enough, so you can choose the strongest and the most beautiful ones, and transplant them in big pots. Then, make sure you regularly trim the tree, and provide proper care, in order to boost its development and bring forth fruit.