Green Smoothie With Pineapple

Amazing Gluten free recipe !

This is a very tasty smoothie that replaces a huge meal or you can just split it in several portions.



  • 1 small pineapple
  • a bundle of spinach
  • 30 g nuts/ 8 ounces (previously soaked in water)
  • 150-200 ml / 0.6-0.8 cups of water
  • (1 lemon)
  • (you can also add a carrot)


Put water and spinach in a blender.

Once spinach is well blended add nuts (you can also use pumpkin seeds). Add the next ingredient after you have blended well the ingredients you previously added. It could be pleasantly sour if you add some lemon, but with a whole pineapple in it, this smoothie would be huge so you can miss the lemon.

Use a small pineapple (for example, if you use 1kg, after cleaning it you will probably get around 500g). Add pineapple pieces at the end and blend it shortly, and you will get tiny pineapple pieces which will stimulate chewing while you drink this fresh green smoothie. It is good to mix food with saliva before swallowing it.

How to clean an pineapple?

1. Cut leaves off.

2 . Cut pineapple in 4 pieces.

3 . Cut the upper layer of each piece (about 1 cm), since it is more rigid and has different structure. It is easy to spot the parts you should remove.

4 . Cut each piece into 2, so you would get 8 pieces.

5 . Cut each piece along the bark as you cut watermelon.

6 . Cut pineapple into smaller pieces so it can be easily blended.

Q: Do you drink smoothies? How often?

I had a period in which smoothies were my first meal. It became an everyday routine for 2 months until my blender broke and it took 2 weeks to fix it. For that time I already had a new favorite first meal idea.