Grape Seeds More Efficient Than Chemotherapy

When compared to chemotherapy, grape seed extract (GSE) is more like an ancient remedy, especially if you take into consideration the fact that chemo causes cancer remission, and the cancer always returns 10 times stronger.

A research by the Center for cancer research in Colorado found that grape seed extract can prevent cancer growth and destroy cancer cells. Scientists believe that patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer will soon have the opportunity to quit chemo and avoid any side-effects.

Grape seed extract is efficient even in the treatment of IV stage cancer.

Researchers added that grape seed extract directly attacks multiple cell mutations, and eventually eliminates and prevents their growth and spreading in the body.

When it comes to prevention, 150-200mg of grape seed extracts are just enough to prevent the development of colorectal cancer. GSE has proven to be efficient in the treatment of many other ailments as well.

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