Grandma’s Pool Cleaning Hack Goes Viral: Because It Works!

Are you lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard? If yes, you probably have hard time keeping it clean. We know that you scrub the sides and add chlorine regularly, but we also know that your pool looks terrible at some point. There’s nothing you can do about it, and it’s a completely normal thing for those who have a pool.

This is about to change, because there’s a woman who shared her incredible pool cleaning hack with the rest of th world.

Lisa Pack, 49, spends weeks in cleaning her pool. The grandmother from Ohio found an incredible item that helped her use her free time wisely. Well, it was her daughter, Whitney.

She found the advice on Facebook, and all you need is one Mr. Clean Magic eraser. You should put it in the pool skimmer bucket, and the foam Square will do all the job for you.

Every time the pool gets cloudy, the woman drops a magic eraser into the skimmer. That’s it. You can actually save money and use packages of melamine foam. That’s exactly what magic erasers are made of, and it comes with a cheaper price.

Here are some extra tips

Wrap old pantyhose around the skimmer basket to clean your pool better. It’s just another layer of filter which blocks tiny bits. If you have a sand filter in the pool, you should consider using diatomaceous earth to keep it clean. It keeps the sand in your filter together, and creates an efficient barrier against debris.

What about the oil? You can throw a tennis ball in your pool. It will soak up the oil swimmers leave in your water.

Citronella candles can help you get rid of bees and wasps. Planting lemongrass works well, too.

Remove stains using vinegar or lime juice.

Baking soda will keep your tiles clean and alkalize the water in your pool.