Grab Your Shopping Carts: ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Is Coming Back to Television Soon

News suggesting that Supermarket Sweep is coming back to television caused euphoria in fans of the popular game show.

It debuted on ABC in 1965 with host Bill Malone, and it featured contestants as they raced through the aisles of a grocery store, trying to pack their carts with the most valuable items on the shelves.

The iconic show was created by producer Al Howard, and it combined the classic quiz show with a live, timed race through a supermarket. The winning team was determined by the value of the items quickly collected in the shopping cart.

Yet, in 2017, people were thrilled when the British production company Fremantle reported it is bringing back the beloved show after it was pulled off air in 2007.

At the time, Vasha Wallace, the Executive Vice President of Global Acquisitions and Development, reported that it is high time to bring back this all-time favorite show, and modern technology allows updating the show, to be relevant for a 21st-century audience.

On 9 July 2019, it was officially confirmed that Rylan Clark-Neal would host the new revival of the show, which was previously hosted by Dale Winton, who died on April 2018, aged 62.

The new and rebooted Supermarket Sweep has now moved over to ITV2.

Clark-Neal confirmed this with a tweet saying: “Been waiting a while to say this but it’s finally time to GO WILD IN THE AISLES ONCE AGAIN! Supermarket Sweep is back, and I can’t wait for you to CHECK IT OUT. See you soon on itv2 #SupermarketSweep”

He previously said that he is extremely excited, as this opportunity was a dream come true, to host one of the most iconic series in television history.

Rylan promised that the 2019 version on ITV2 will be slightly naughtier than the original since the show has moved to the early ­weekday evenings from its traditional ­morning slot.

Fremantle has confirmed that they are actively looking for “fun, outgoing and dynamic pairs of couples, friends, school, and workmates or family duos to take part in Supermarket Sweep.”

After this tweet, fans went insane on social media.

What’s more, it is now sooner than you think, as, in another tweet, host Rylan Clark-Neal revealed when the show will premiere, explaining in a video:

“I’m so excited to tell you it is time to go wild in the aisles once more because Supermarket Sweep is starting Monday 9th September at 8 pm.”

It has been reported that the 20 x 60 minute episodes will feature some elements of the 90s show and a self-checkout section. Moreover, the show will include old and new games, but ultimately the format will still follow playing the game, building your clock, the sweep and then the super sweep at the end.

So, it’s almost time to go wild in the aisles!