When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested This And It Worked!

Believe it or not, a man succeeded to treat cancer using maple syrup and baking soda only.

Vernon Johnson was diagnosed with prostate cancer in aggressive stage 4 spread even in his bone matter. As soon as he heard the news, his son advised him to try and elevate his pH levels in the body, as he knew that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline or high-pH environment.

A friend suggested trying cesium chloride as an effective way to physiologically raise pH levels.

Vernon was determined to avoid all kinds of conventional therapies, and try to alternatively treat his health issue. Yet, his cesium chloride order got lost in the mail, so he was forced to find another way to raise the pH levels.

Thus, he discovered a recipe which included maple syrup and baking soda, and efficiently treated this deadly disease. Since he did not have maple syrup in his kitchen, he decided to use molasses.

During the entire course of the treatment, he made notes daily, and called the diary ‘The last dance with cancer’. He also added a healthy diet which promoted the alkaline pH range, enriched with vitamin and mineral supplements, and lots of sunshine.

As anaerobic cancer cells cannot tolerate oxygen, he also started practicing breathing exercises, in order to additionally raise oxygenation from the sudden rise of his pH due to sodium bicarbonate.

Cancer cells need fermented sugar instead of oxygen to survive, and this is the reason why his recipe included maple syrup.

Its consumption allows the entering of the high pH sodium bicarbonate in affected cells and creating a real shock with the surprising surge of alkalinity. In this way, affected cells are oxygenated and destroyed.

Molasses represented an even more solid mineral base for the nutritional support. In the case of cancer, patients should avoid all kinds of sugars and processed foods as they support the cancer growth.

Several weeks after, Vernon visited his doctors for a medical examination, and they were completely amazed. He has managed to completely reverse his bone and prostate cancer!

Due to his remarkable experience, Vernon shared his story in 2008 in The Valley News, local California newspaper. Furthermore, he is sharing his effects and positive outcome of the fight against cancer even today.

Nowadays, numerous studies suggest various natural treatments of cancer.

This one is effective, inexpensive, and toxic. Yet, such remedies are a threat to the medical establishment, so the cancer industry just won’t allow them to be freely practiced, and the conventional medicine keeps ignoring them.

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