Good Intentions

Relationships can be complex, so we often end up disappointed, miserable, and hurt. The world is full of fake and dishonest people, whose intentions are far from what it looks like at the beginning.

Apart from being challenging to endure and difficult to identify, fake relationships are also hard to end.

Here are three ways to see if you are in a fake relationship and it is time to end it:

1. The first mistake some people make is to start a relationship just because they are not comfortable with themselves and are afraid to be alone. We need to develop high self-love before we enter into a relationship.

We cannot be loved unless we don’t love ourselves first. We cannot be happy in a couple if we are not happy alone.

Nothing from the outside can heal the lack of self-love, excitement, and confidence we experience. Don’t confuse love with the comfort you felt in the relationship. Love is not the same as being loved. Intimate love is not lust or personal gap-filling. Love brings comfort, but the two are far from equal.

2. Real love is selfless. Partners who are truly in love support and love each other unconditionally, and do not try to change the other to satisfy their own expectations.

Real love does not ask partners to enhance each other’s lives, and it is not an achieved goal of your personal agenda. It does not demand benefits, but a strong and pure urge to just be together and share everything life brings.

3. Love is more than words, its actions. Think about the way your partner treats you, although you might be told you are loved many times a day. Do you feel protected, understood, joyful?

If your relationship does not make you feel fulfilled, if it just drains you in all ways possible, and it has not created pleasant memories so far, it is time to think that maybe it is meaningless. Do you feel dedication, care, loyalty, and respect? If you do, you will not doubt the true intentions of your loved one.

Being in a fake relationship is a complete waste of time, efforts, and emotions. Ending it can be a long and painful struggle, and you will need the support of your friends and family.

Yet, no matter how hard it gets, end it, and continue the quest of finding your true soulmate.