Good For Your Soul

Life is empty without having someone to share the joy and sorrow, enjoy adventures together, someone you know has your back. Friends are the family we choose.

A true friend in life is invaluable. Friends can sometimes confuse us, enrage us, or challenge us, but they are crucial to our wellbeing just like regular physical exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.

Friends help us grow through each stage of life.

These are the types of friends you should keep in your life forever:

1. The good listener

If your friend is there when you need to share something exciting, challenging, or deeply personal, it brings you closer, and you feel supported and valued.

Good listeners are the best advice-givers. If your friend truly listens to you, keep him around all the time.

2. The honest friend

This one is very important. You always need to have an honest person beside you, to have someone to trust in, who will tell you the truth without sparing you.

3. The generous friend

A generous person is a true treasure. These people are not selfish, but respectful and loving, so it is wise to fight for him to stay in your life.

4. The uplifting friend

People who are positive and motivated, always greet you with a smile, and who lift you up are worth hanging on to.

This friend will believe in you and encourage you to pursue your dreams and never give up. Moreover, he will always find a way to boost your mood and calm your worried mind.

5. The dreamer

Your dreamer friend will boost your creativity and imagination too. These people try hard to improve the world we live in and make things better, so everyone needs to be in the company of such visionary temperament and deeply sensitive people, characterized by their loyal and gentle nature.

Yet, each friend is a different story, and you can have different reasons for choosing one to stay in your life and share your time with him.

What is important is to remember that you also need to be a good friend, if you want to enjoy true, loving friendships in life.