Golden Retriever Gives Sweetest Apology For Stealing Brother’s Treat

An apology makes everything better. It has the power to heal wounds, provide relief, repair harm, and correct mistakes. While we cannot undo the past actions, a sincere apology will surely soothe the pain.

A golden retriever is well aware of this, and he melted millions of hearts with the way he said “sorry” to his brother! Five-year-old Watson and Nine-year-old Kiko live in Spokane, Washington, in the home of their owner, Jennifer Medrano.

She is a photographer that loves taking photos of the two brothers, so these canine brothers are a sort of celebrity on Instagram!

They have a special bond and are very close, but one day, one of them made a mistake.

Well, we all make them from time to time!

Namely, the dogs received their treats, but Watson couldn’t resist the temptation, and ate them both!

Yet, Jennifer wanted to make things right. She turned on her camera and addressed the problem.

The dogs are sitting in the kitchen, and she asks Watson:

“Hey Watson, do you understand when I’m talking to you?”

Watson grunts a couple of times. She explains the entire problem, in a calm voice, and when she mentions the chewies, they both lick their lips.

She asks again:

“So what do we say when we steal someone else’s chewy?”

At this point, Watson walks up to Kiko and gives him the biggest hug, and rests his head on top of him.

Oh, adorable!

After the apology, Jennifer tells both her dogs that they are good boys!

Don’t you worry, Jennifer later explained that Kiko got a new treat!

On her Instagram page, you can find lots of photos of Watson hugging his brother!

The video of the sweetest apology ever has almost immediately gone viral, with people claiming that the two doggos stole their hearts.

Many commented that the bond of the canines is simply amazing, and some said that it is the most charming moment they’ve witnessed between two dogs.

Make sure you don’t miss it either!

Watch it below:


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