God Will Send You The Right Person At The Right Time. Trust His Judgment

When my mother or grandmother recount their love stories and discuss what relationships were like in the times they lived in, I become even more confused and afraid that things cannot go that smooth these days.

Despite the numerous advancements it brought with itself, the new era has also made some aspects of life a bit more challenging, and this involves dating as well.  Love is not at all simple in modern society, so we fear to show it, in order not to get hurt again.

After many relationships, breakups, arguments, failed dreams, and a too-many-times-broken heart, many of us find it the wisest to just give up and accept the sad reality that they will never find true love.

However, this is the exact time when you should go on instead of giving up!

It is believed that when people are surrendering, and believe they will never discover love, this is the precise time they should continue onward with confidence in God since it very well may be His trying of their quality and confidence.

God is just testing your strength and faith, your bravery and desire for love. And most importantly, He is testing your patience.

Have you heard someone say that they have got the thing they so longed for the moment they thought they should give up? Even if you are not a believer, you can be sure that everything happens for a reason.

God has a plan for us all.  Even when we cannot understand why some things happen to us, in the end, everything will be clear to us.  God wants to see us happy, fulfilled and loved, sharing life with someone who is the soul of your soul.

Yet, the right person will enter your life only when you are ready, and there is perfect timing for everything in life.

It may be at the moment you’ve given up and lost all hope when you are going through a hard breakup when you think it would be better to focus on work, or after months or years of dating the wrong people and suffering because of it.

After a series of dates with the wrong people for you, the right one will come at the right time.

And everything will then fall into place.  Remember, you should be grateful even for the things you consider tragic in life, as they surely were valuable lessons that help you go towards your true love.

Meanwhile, never lose faith in God, and soon, you will meet the incredible one He has saved for you.