Give Your Dog a Tbsp. of This Golden Turmeric Paste to Relieve Inflammation And Prevent Cancer

Turmeric is an extremely beneficial spice for the human health, but only a few of us know that it can be as advantageous for dogs as well.

Namely, if you feed your dog with this turmeric paste, you will alleviate his joint pain, and you will ensure the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible for your pet! It is remarkable!

First of all, we will list some of the most important properties of turmeric:

  • It’s a natural and effective anti-inflammatory
  • It’s a powerful antioxidant
  • It protects the liver from toxins
  • It can help prevent and even treat cancer

This amazing Golden paste recipe was developed by the Australian veterinarian Dr. Doug English, who claims that it provides extraordinary results.

Here is his recipe:

Golden Paste- Recipe


  • ½ cup organic turmeric powder (use organic turmeric powder as it contains lots of curcumin)
  • 1 ½ teaspoons freshly ground black pepper (Grind organic black peppercorns in a coffee grinder or a blender)
  • ¼ cup organic cold pressed virgin olive or coconut oil (it also has great health benefits)
  • 1  to 1 ½ cups filtered water


In a pan, mix the turmeric with the water, starting with 1 cup water and adding more only if needed. Stir the liquid on medium/low heat. In about 7 to 10 minutes, a thick paste will be formed.

You can add a bit more turmeric and heat it for another couple of minutes, if the mixture looks watery.

As soon as you’ve got a paste, add the pepper and oil, then stir it very well. Allow the mixture to cool, place it in a jar with a lid and store it in your fridge. The paste can be kept in the fridge for no more than two weeks, and then you will need to make a fresh new paste.


Mix the paste with some water and add it directly to your dog’s meals. Your dog won’t mind the taste at all.

At first, give it about ¼ to ½ teaspoon of the paste, depending on the size of your dog. You can gradually increase the amount, up to about a tablespoon for larger dogs. Moreover, make sure you give your dog smaller amounts, but a few times a day, as turmeric leaves the body quickly.

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