Girl’s Before-And-After School Photos Go Viral

Every one of you has had a rough Monday for sure, and sometimes, the start of the week can be very frustrating and difficult to cope with. Bob Geldof even asked “ Tell me why I don’t like Mondays?”

Do you remember hating Mondays when you were a student? Well, a Scottish mom Jillian Falconer, of East Renfrewshire showed what one Monday did to her daughter Lucie.

Namely, this five-year-old princess, went to school looking impeccably neat and tidy. She had her hair groomed, her tie perfectly done, and her socks drawn up. Yet, when Jill went to pick her up later that day, she was “mortified” to see her daughter looking like the ‘cat had dragged’ in.

She asked Lucy about what had happened, and she told her that she simply had been playing with friends at school.

The mother explains that Lucie loves school, and she wore new clothes, shoes, and a girly bag on the first day in P2.

When she sent the photos of the messy girl to Lucie’s father, he couldn’t believe his eyes either.

Then they sent the photos to Barrhead News who uploaded it on Facebook with the caption, “Out of all the Back To School pictures we received here at Barrhead News HQ, this has got to be our favorite. Jillian’s daughter, Lucie, who started her first day back to P2, clearly had a more eventful day than all of us on Monday!”

In a hilarious side-by-side image, in the “before” photo, little cute Lucie is wearing her school uniform of a black sweater and skirt paired with a white oxford shirt, striped tie and matching hair bow, plus black knee socks and patent-leather Mary Janes.

On the other hand, in the relatable picture her mother snapped after school, she looked exhausted with her hair bow askew, her sweater and unicorn backpack falling off her shoulder, her skirt off-kilter, and a knee sock rolling down her leg.

The post quickly went viral, and so far, it garnered 26,000 reactions, 15,000 shares, and over 6,000 comments from users who can relate to the situation.

Other parents posted before-and-after pictures of their kids, claiming that they did not recognize their loved ones at pick-up too.

One woman, Melanie Simons, wrote:

“That’s what I look like when I get home from school, and I’m the teacher!”

Jill explained that Lucie is completely entertained at school, and the school she attends is a very good one with amazing teachers. She adds that her daughter had obviously had a fun day, as her teachers do a lot of active learning and things with the pupils.

Oh, I would love a Monday like this, wouldn’t you?