Giant Tortoise And Baby Cow Who Lost Its Leg Become Best Friends, Do Everything Together

Do you believe in friendship at first sight? If you don’t, we are here to prove you are wrong. Sorry.

It might be rare, but when found, it surely ignites life.

The main characters of our story today are two unlikely friends, an African spurred tortoise Leonardo, and a calf called Simon.

In 2013, Leonardo was rescued from a Bangkok zoo after its closure. He quickly got used to his new life of freedom there, after his horrible experience, but little did he know that things were about to take an even better turn.

Three years later, Simon arrived at the WFFT Rescue Center after a serious leg injury.

While he was grazing with his mother, he got caught in a tangle of vines, and part of his hind leg had fallen off. Yet, to help him walk, WFFT Vet Team then created a prosthetic leg for him.

“We decided to house him temporarily in a large open field enclosure within the WFFT Rescue Center where he could recover from his ordeal. We had then planned to move him into a field where we house two other rescued cows.”

This was the same field where Simon was recovering, and when the two animals saw each other, they instantly became friends!

According to WFFT:

“To the surprise of us all Simon the cow has formed a strong bond with the large tortoise Leonardo. They are often seen following each other around, sharing meals and resting together. We hope this unusual friendship continues to flourish.”

The staff at the sanctuary claim the two companions enjoy their friendship and are simply inseparable.

Some of the major goals of the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) include rescuing captive wild animals and rehabilitating them providing veterinary help to animals, educating local people to appreciate and protect wildlife, and campaign against all forms of animal abuse and exploitation.