Get Rid Of Pain Using Simple Aluminum Foil

Pain can be really nasty, whether it is your back, shoulders, knees, neck or your heels (in cases of severe heel pain you cannot stand normally). Maybe you have not heard of it before, but aluminium foil can really help you relieve pain.

All you have to do is just put a piece of aluminium foil onto the affected area, and the pain will soon disappear. Russians and Chinese have long used this method.


How does it work?

Take a piece of aluminium foil and wrap the affected area with it. Secure with a bandage. This method applies to every type of pain.

According to Chinese traditional medicine, aluminium foil treatment should be practised for 10-12 days. Every day of the treatment you should put a piece of foil on the area you are treating and keep it on during the whole day or night. After the 10-day treatment make a break for two weeks. If necessary, repeat the treatment. Aluminium foil is considered to have anti-inflammatory effect.