Get Flat Belly Within 30 Days

In this article we are bringing you closer to the “Plank” exercise. It is a great workout, helps you melt belly fat and also strengthens your back, buttocks, arm and leg muscles.

It may seem easy to do, but believe us, it is not that simple. It is all about holding in the initial push-ups posture. In this ways, your muscles are activated in the same way as they are while you do push-ups. However, this exercises does not increase or reduce your muscle mass -- it only makes your muscles stronger.

First, you should focus on taking the proper initial posture. Lift your body and rely on your elbows and toes. What you should remember is that your upper body should form a straight line. Focus the pressure on your elbows and legs. This will tense your buttocks and give you an extra balance.

Once you get in the right position, all that is left to do is endure as much as you can during the 30-day challenge.

Start with 20 seconds, and start increasing the duration of the exercise in the next few days.

The video below is a nice head start of your challenge.Watch it carefully and do something good for your body.