Genius Trick To Keep Ticks From Biting You

This article is in favor of those of you who really like spending their free time gathering with friends in the park or anywhere nice out there. But, this means being exposed to all those bugs and ticks that crawl in the grass! Eek!

Well, you are less likely to experience such a horror scene after learning this amazing trick. It is super simple and yet extremely practical. It will sure have you wondering, “Why did not I think of doing this before?”


A decent lint roller (with adhesive layers) is the only item you need, and of course, just a few moments of your free time. Take the roller with you and simply roll it onto your clothes once in a while. Nothing complicated, right? But, be careful, you might be pretty shocked to look at those nasty “things” you picked up.

Peppermint essential oil can also help you keep ticks away from you. Apply it on both your clothes and skin. Dilute it with almond or jojoba oil if your skin is too sensitive.

Do not worry about that slight tingling sensation, it is a normal reaction. Peppermint scent deters ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies. However, you may also want to keep that lint roller next to you.

You can also use some duct tape for the same purpose. Wrap it around your hand, and make sure the sticky side is out. But, you will agree, the lint roller is a lot more convenient and easy to manage.

Remember this when going for a hike and share it with your friends or pretty much everyone who enjoys walking outdoors. Here you can learn how to make a natural flea and tick powder for your pets. It is easy to make and safe for use.