Genius 1 Ingredient Solution To Make Your Sink Look like New

We all like our kitchen sink shiny and without stains or spots, but since we are constantly using it, it sometimes seems impossible to clean it thoroughly.

Moreover, hard water leaves stains all over it, and around the faucet. Although you may succeed and prevent hard water buildup at times, you just cannot spend too much time every single day to spend on this issue, and it is a tedious and long procedure.

In most cases, people use different kinds of chemicals and cleaning agents to clean it by scrubbing, but despite all the work, they just fail to get the desired results.

However, you can consider yourself to be a lucky one, as we will finally reveal an easy way to help you in this situation! We will offer you the recipe for a 1-ingredient solution that has fantastic results in cleaning your faucet and sink.

You may not believe in its efficacy at the beginning, but after you are done, you will be fascinated by it! This solution is probably one of the most powerful homemade cleaners you have ever tried!

The one I gradient you need is some generic inexpensive 5% white vinegar. Pour it into a bowl and dip some cotton cloth in it.

In order to prevent the water dilute the vinegar effect, make sure your sink is completely dry.  Then, wrap the soaked cotton cloth around your faucet and around the areas with stains of hard water buildup.  You can apply it on one stained area, then on another, and so on.

If possible, soak a few cloths in the vinegar, and apply them to different areas at the same time. Yet, you need to cover all parts that need to be cleaned.

The cloths should remain on the spots or stains for an hour and afterwards, you can remove it. Next, use the green part of an old sponge and scrub around the cracks and nicks.

If needed, you can repeat the whole procedure in order to clean even the most stubborn stains. In the end, leave your sink to dry and you can enjoy in its shine!

It is this easy, but extremely effective! All who have tried this trick, do not use any other method to make their sink shiny and clean again.

Watch the video below in order to get a detailed explanation of this cleaning method:

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