Gay Teacher Has The Most Fabulous Response to Homophobic Mom Who Pulled Her Kids From His Class

Michael Nari is a fun-loving drama teacher who lives in Kidderminster, England, and this genius is truly devoted to his work in the local performing arts school for children of all ages he runs, Talking Props Theatre School.

The website of the school informs that Principal Michael is a theatre producer with an exceptional team of staff and industry professionals who are actively teaching at the biggest performing arts training facility in Wyre Forest.

However, a mother of two of his students offended him, and he decided to reply in a fabulous manner, which quickly became hit on the Internet.

When this mother found out that Nari was gay, she sent him a text message, informing him that she will no longer send her children to his class, due to her “Christian” beliefs.

She wrote to him that she has decided not to let her children attend their next class, as she was encouraged by his strong reputation for performing arts to sign them up for his class, but since she has recently learned of his lifestyle, and she raises her kids as Christians, she would not allow them to be influenced by unconventional ideas.

She added that she believes a man should marry a woman, and even asked for her deposit.

Nari admitted that he read the message twice before he replied. His intention was not to upset anyone, but he believed he should protect himself and his organization.

He responded in an honest and respectful way, saying that the message disappointed him, as he prides his students on the respect and love they have for others and their passion for equality.  He added that his sexuality doesn’t affect his ability to teach.

Michael advised her to check out StageCoach, a competing performing arts school in the area, but warns her that those teachers are known to wear mixed fabrics, which he reminded her is forbidden in the Bible (Leviticus 19:19).

Namely, the English Standard Version for Leviticus 19:19 reads:

He is still waiting for a reply of the mother, but added that her children are always welcome to join his class in the future.