Garlic Prevents Inflammation, a Cause of Varicose Veins. How to Make Garlic Oil

Many Americans deal with varicose veins, due to unhealthy and fast lifestyle habits. Processed foods, insufficient physical activity, obesity, nutritional deficiency and sitting or standing for long hours burden your veins additionally.
Varicose veins are actually enlarged blood vessels. Varicose veins are more common in legs and they are often linked to chronic inflammation and poor circulation.
Free your body from inflammation in order to reduce and eventually eliminate varicose veins. Garlic is an amazing remedy for varicose veins. It breaks down protein in the body and distributes it evenly, which helps in increasing the distribution of protein to the lower part of the body.
Make garlic oil and treat varicose veins naturally

  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 3 oranges
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

Mince 5 garlic cloves. Stir in two tablespoons of olive oil and the juice of three oranges. Keep your garlic oil in a sealed jar. Let the mixture rest for 12 hours before using it.
Shake the content well before every application.
Apply a few drops of the garlic remedy on your fingers and rub it onto the affected area using circular motion. Cover with a plastic wrap and a warm cloth on top. Repeat the treatment every night.