Garlic Milk – A Magical Remedy To Relieve You From Sciatica Pain

Garlic milk has proved to be very effective against worms and to prepare an enema, but also for treating sciatica. Garlic milk can be prepared raw or cooked.

No doubt, the raw garlic milk is stronger and acts better. When cooking it, the process reduces the odor, but it still operates satisfactorily.


If used for a longer time, this simple remedy will get you rid of sweating legs. A car mechanic who has long suffered from sciatica (sciatica), wrote that he started using it as advised and drank garlic milk every day, since no other medicine had results.

Only after a few days, he felt relieved, and 14 days later the illness disappeared.

Preparation of Garlic Milk

Initially, crush the garlic in a small, handy gadget, made for the cause. Immediately mix the crushed garlic with raw milk and drink. As previously mentioned, some people prefer to cook the garlic in milk. For stronger effect, it should be drank at least 200 ml of garlic milk a day.

As no every drug works equally convenient, every man does not respond equally to the treatment. However, what we suggest is wise is to try this simple remedy against the severe pain from sciatica, since you might find it to be an easy and lasting remedy for your sciatica pain.

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