What Fruits And Veggies Looked Like Before Humans Domesticated Them

Our ancestors had the privilege to consume foods that are terrifyingly different that our fruits and veggies. Believe it or not, even the bananas you eat don’t have pretty much in common with the yellow delicacy your great-great-grandmother ate.

It’s so strange to know that watermelons and corn today look and taste different than “their ancestors.”

Farmers have selectively breed fruits and veggies. Yes, we’re talking about genetic engineering. This procedure now gives us produce with less seeds and more flesh. But, it isn’t as bright as it seems.

Selective breeding involves selection and cultivation of crops with “preferred” traits which is supposed to improve the taste of most foods. Watermelons are “made” to produce more flesh and less seeds. Believe it or not, bananas in the past had harder seeds than the fruits you eat today.

People have altered almost every fruit and vegetable, and now we eat something that is different than the foods our Paleolithic ancestors ate. Watch the video below for more highlights on the true story of selective breeding.

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