Friends Who Met At Work And Bonded Over Both Being Adopted Discover They Are Actually Biological SISTERS After Taking 23andMe DNA Tests – Having Been Told They Looked Alike For Years

Cassandra Madison (32) and Julia Tinetti (31) first met as co-workers at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut, in 2013. Once they started to hang out, both realized the connection to the Dominican Republic. It is the place where both girls were born and adopted.

Many people have told them that these two girls looked like sisters when they were hanging out. In the beginning, everything was like a joke and a coincidence. But, soon, they started doubting and compared their adoption papers, which, unfortunately, didn’t reveal anything.

In 2018, Madison wanted to connect with her father and took the 23andMe DNA test. Her father was still in the Dominican Republic. Also, Madison discovered that her biological mother had died in 2016. After this discovery, another shock followed. Madison’s father told her that she has a sibling who is also given for adoption.

The most unusual story has a happy ending. Madison told Tinetti about the situation and asked her to take a DNA test.

Last month they learned that these two “friends” are biological sisters!!!

The women who met as co-workers now know that they have each other for the rest of their lives because they are sisters by blood. The 23andMe DNA test helped them to come to this revelation.

At the beginning of their co-worker relationship, they felt that sibling bond.
‘We started hanging out, go out for drinks, for dinner. We started dressing alike.’

Both of them had tattoos where they draw the Dominican Republic flag.

Once they compared the papers, the sisters thought that the strong bond is based on their roots. In the documents, they saw that their mothers’ last names were different. Also, in the papers stood other names of the cities in which they were born.

In 2015, Madison moved from Connecticut to Virginia Beach, Virginia, but they remained friends on Facebook, so they still communicated.

Three years later, in 2018, Madison’s mother gave her a 23andMe DNA test and connected her to her first cousin and some other distant relatives.

‘I did not know that you can find a relative, so that was very much a shock,’ –Madison.

After this shock, she and the cousin started looking for Madison’s father. They discovered that her biological mother passed away in 2015 from a heart attack.

She found all her relatives and got back to her roots, the Dominican Republic, to meet her cousins and father.
When she asked her father if she had another sibling who is also given for adoption, he said:

“It was just a difficult time for your mom and I. So, I don’t like to talk about it. I don’t like to think about it,” ‘

Once she realized that she has another sibling, Madison had to test Tinetti. The test proved that they were biological sisters!!!

Madison and Tinetti have seven siblings more, and only they are given for adoption.


Tinetti explained that when Madison was born, their parents struggled to cure their sick brother.

“On top of the DR being a very poor country, they couldn’t take care of us,’
‘I was [born] 17 months later, and they weren’t ready.’

Both sisters are excited about the huge discovery, but they need to process the situation.

They said:
‘People who were adopted are now reaching out to us, which is really special. That to me, [means] more than anything.’