French Schoolgirl, 13, Admits To Making Up The Accusations That Got Her Teacher Beheaded

A teacher at school in Conflans-Sante-Honorine, Paris, France, named Samuel Paty, was beheaded.

The History and Geography teacher showed a picture of the Prophet Muhammad to his class, which is the reason for his killing last year in October.

According to UNILAD, a 13-year-old female student told her father that Paty asked all Muslim students to leave the classroom so that he could show the image of the Prophet Muhammad naked.

Once the father realized what they were doing at the school, he filed a legal complaint. Firstly, on social media, he shared a video where the father speaks all the Paty allegations.

Secondly, after this video, the teacher received numerous threats, including death threats. It led to his murder.

Thirdly, only ten days after his accusation of disrespecting the Muslim culture, Abdullakh Anzorov (18) beheaded Samuel Paty.

He followed the teacher and beheaded him in the middle of the street. Right after the event, Anzorov died. The anti-terrorist police shot him dead!

The tremendous overturn of the situation!

Several months after the horrible murder of the teacher Samuel Paty, the 13-year-old girl told everyone that she ‘’lied’’ to please her father!!!!

On Sunday, March 8, 2021, the student’s lawyer Mbeko Tabula, shared at the court that the girl wasn’t even at the class. She didn’t attend the class because she was sick and revealed that the story is a lie.

AFP reported that Tabula said:
“She lied because she felt trapped in a spiral because her classmates had asked her to be a spokesperson.

However, her actions resulted in a suspension from school because she didn’t attend the classes that day. Also, she confessed that she invented the story because she felt resentment towards Samuel for showing the pictures.

The prosecutor charged her with slander! Her father was arrested for ‘’complicity in a terrorist killing.’’

The judge said that the video the father shared is the direct link to Samuel’s murder!

Regarding layer’s opinion, the girl should be free from charges because her father is guilty of ‘’excessive and disproportionate behavior.’’

The attorney that represented Paty’s family stated:

“Everything in the investigation showed very early that she lied. A spokesperson of what? Of lies, of events that never happened? This explanation does not convince me and makes me rather angry because the facts are serious. They’re tragic!”