Frankincense Essential Oil Suppresses Multiple Cancers

Frankincense and myrrh are the dried resin (sap) from small trees, native to the Middle East and Northeast Africa.

Their potent antibacterial and antiviral properties have been traditionally used for millennia, in the treatments of a sore throat, cough, pain, digestive issues, fever, and swelling.

Studies have found that the essential oils of both frankincense and myrrh can inhibit the growth of skin cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and cervical cancer cells.

However, researchers found that the further refined extracts of frankincense essential oils are even more potent, destroying up to 97% of liver cancer cells and 96% of colon cancer cells.

According to researchers, the effects of these extracts can be compared to the ones of the chemo drugs doxorubicin and 5-flourouracil! Recent clinical trials have found that frankincense can have miraculous effects.

Namely, it relieved pain and stiffness in the case of osteoporosis, reduced brain swelling in the case of brain cancer, reduced asthma symptoms, alleviated pain and even lowered the damage of photo-aging in women’s skin.

The effects of this essential oil in the treatment of cancer have been shown to be impressive.

Yet, the mainstream media and the huge impact of the large pharmaceutical companies are constantly keeping people in the dark of the possible alternative cancer treatment. Yet, more than 8 million people are expected to die his year due to this deadly disease.

For a limited period of time, an explosively powerful and important documentary series is about to play online for free. The mainstream media rejected to air it as it will present interviews with many of the world’s leading cancer experts.

Additionally, you should know the fact that the same pharmaceutical companies are one of MSM’s biggest sources of income, so we believe things are much clearer now.

Yet, this documentary will reveal a lot you weren’t aware of, and it will give you a chance to find out more about effective ways to fight this disease naturally.

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