Forget Coffins or Boxes: This Company Swirls You Into Unique Glass Art Creations When You Die

The loss of someone close to you is always challenging to face. However, instead of grieving for years and focusing on the loss, psychologists agree that the right attitude is to be grateful for the time you have spent together, for getting the opportunity to share the life with your loved ones and keep the valuable memories as a real treasure.

Most cultures have preserved their traditions when it comes to burying the body or keeping the ashes of the deceased in an urn, but recently, there have been some really creative ways to keep the ashes of the loved one.

Thus, the owners of Artful Ashes, Enter, Greg and Christina Dale, have developed a unique technique of glass blowing, which they have used since 2012 to honor the lost loved ones and transform them into beautiful pieces of art.

The loss of his grandparents inspired Greg to create it, and he decided to share it with others in order to get something beautiful from their grief.

Greg and Christina Dale say that they know that the loss of a loved one is very difficult, so their artists use various colors and ashes with the aim to capture the unique spirit. 

Each creation is treated with respect and care, following a strict production method, and contains a personalized inscription for those who are left behind.

The glass creations contain a tablespoon of the ashes, which shop up as a white swirl. Sometimes, the glass blowing process can create bubbles, which have been nicknamed “Spirit Bubbles”.  There are currently three types of ornaments, Hearts, Orbs, which are about 14 ounces of solid glass, and Angel Wings, which are about 1 ounce of solid glass.

You can inquire about Artful Ashes creations on their website.