Footage Shows 14-Month-Old Lioness Getting Declawed So Children Can Play With Her

Can you understand why the human believes his power and will should not be questioned? Can you understand why humans exercise their power over everything on Earth? Unfortunately, humans often forget to be humane.

Even more often, animals are the subjects of our extremely brutal acts. Last year, the world was in shock after watching a footage that revealed a 14-month-old lioness named Falestine being declawed in a Gaza zoo.

After animal right activists revealed the clip from the Rafah roadside zoo in the Gaza Strip,  people from all over the world started criticizing the practice.

In the video, Palestinian veterinarian Fayyaz al-Haddad clips off the claws of Palestine using a pair of wire cutters and a pair of sheers. He then sews up a wound on her paw that oozes blood.

Mohammed Jumaa, 53, the zoo’s owner, said that this was done as an attempt to “reduce the aggression of the lioness so it can be friendly with visitors.”

Fayyaz al-Haddad stated that they declawed the lioness ““so that they would not grow fast and visitors and children could play with her.” He added that their intention was to “bring smiles and happiness to children while increasing the number of visitors to the park, which suffers from high expenses,  it does not lose its innate nature.”

Yet, these “explanations” were far from satisfactory for animal rights advocates.

The animal charity Four Paws explained:

“For big cats, removing the claws is a particularly vicious procedure which causes long-lasting damage. Natural behavior, such as grabbing food or climbing, is hardly possible without an animal’s claws. Since the amputation was not done in a proper vet clinic, the chance of infection is high.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world, agrees that the consequences of the horrible act can be devastating:

“Whether her claws grow back or not, declawing her or any cat is an invasive and extremely painful mutilation. The surgery involves at least 10 separate amputations—not just of cats’ nails but also of their joints. Declawing can lead to a lifetime of painful and debilitating complications, including lameness and arthritis. Some animals even die as a result of the procedure.”

Yet, this is not an isolate incident when it comes to the particular zoo.

A few months after this video, it was shut down due to another incident, when four lion cubs froze to death. All the animals from the zoo were relocated to animal sanctuaries in Jordan.

Four Paws veterinarian and head of mission Amir Khalil then said that they were happy to witness the end of the horror, as animals there “ have had to live under unimaginably dreadful conditions” for too long.