Foods That Fight Water Retention

No one likes retaining water, but it does happen from time to time. Most of the time, people go to their doctor to get a prescription for medication that will help get rid of that excess water and combat that bloated feeling.

But did you know there are actually some foods that not only can help you get rid of the water that you’re retaining, but prevent it from happening in the future? Here are some foods that you should consider incorporating into your diet in order to avoid water retention.



The most important food that you can incorporate into your diet is water itself. This might seem counter-intuitive, but the truth is, dehydration can actually cause you to start or continue retaining water. If your body doesn’t think it is getting enough water, it will hold onto what it has and be very stingy with getting rid of it.

Watercress & Other Greens

Not everyone includes watercress into their dinner menu, but the truth is, this leafy vegetable is an all-natural diuretic that offers additional health benefits like potassium. There are many other leafy greens that will help you stop retaining water as well like carrots, onions, peppers, celery and tomatoes.

Some Herbs

There are some herbs that can be added to a diet to prevent and eliminate water retention. An herbalist can help you determine which ones are good, but a decent start is celery seed, primrose oil and dandelion root.

Delicious Melons

Fruits that have a large amount of potassium can help balance out sodium levels to stop you from retaining water. Melons, citrus fruits and other delicious treats can be added to a diet and you’ll reap more benefits than controlling water retention.

Salmon & Other Fish

Salmon, tuna, mackerel and herring all are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids and can help with brain function, cardiovascular health and the joints as well as helping you to avoid retaining water.

Nuts & Grains

Whole grain products and nuts are great for when you are retaining water. They are sources of the B6 vitamin. However, you should choose nuts and whole grains that have very little sodium because sodium can help you retain water. Whole grains and nuts are also good sources of healthy fats and fiber.

Foods You Should Avoid When You Are Retaining Water

Besides the foods that you should be incorporating, there are some foods that you should avoid if you want to stop retaining water.

Obviously, salt is one of the substances that you should stop using when you are retaining water, but you should also be on the lookout for foods that have a lot of sodium in them such as processed and pre-packaged foods. Try to create a healthy diet of whole foods if you want to stop retaining water.

There are plenty of foods that can help you when you are retaining water and if you create a diet that incorporates them you will be able to prevent water retention before it even happens.