Food Pairings: These Foods Are More Powerful When Combined

Some foods are rich in vitamins, iron and calcium, while others are rich in completely different nutrients. You should do some smart combinations in order to use the maximum you can get.

These healthy products are more powerful when combined together, so try to consume these super-combinations at least twice a week.

Red Pepper and Dried Fruit

Combine foods rich in iron and vitamin C, to provide easier bonding of the nutrients.

So, if you eat liver, green vegetables, artichoke or dried fruit, add some red pepper, orange, lemon or tomatoes to your dish.

Also, combine whole grain cereals and blueberries, raspberries, cranberries or currants. In this way, you will increase the absorption of iron up to six times.

Green Tea and Lemon

Lemons increase the effect powerful antioxidants have, so add some lemon juice in every detox drink.

Dark Chocolate and Apples

The combination of quercetin contained in apples and the antioxidants found in dark chocolate provides an excellent protection for the blood vessels. It protects against heart diseases, thrombocytes and improves circulation.

Banana and Yoghurt

This combination is excellent in treating muscle pain, because it is rich in glucose and amino acids. Nutritionists recommend it after every long recreation or exhausting workout.

Salmon or Tuna and Broccoli

This combination is rich in vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, and it is a powerful doping for the brain and its functions.