Follow These 8 Tips To Develop Healthy Eating Habits

We can all agree that most people are slaves of their unhealthy habit. When it comes to food, they usually shop in the same market, buy the same food and prepare the meals in the same way. But if you are seriously interested in eating healthier food, you need to change something in your habits and lifestyle.

Many people find it difficult to change their habits and diet, because they are accustomed to a particular type of food and drinks and are less interested in trying different meals than their regular.

As time goes by, habits become routine and it is difficult to make some changes. Even those who have changed their bad habits can easily return to old habits, in any moment of stress.


According to dr. John Foreyt, director of the Center for Research on the behavior of people in Baylor Medical College, the fight against bad eating habits and lifestyle is divided in three procedures:

-- Be aware of the bad habits which you are willing to change
-- Discover the source of those bad habits and why are they here
-- Discover how to change bad eating habits in the best way and add some regular physical activity

Here are some ideas to help you introduce healthy eating habits in your everyday life which can improve your body line and mental health.

Chewing Food

-If you chew your food slowly, you will eat smaller and more frequent portions. This happens because our stomach is sending message to our brain that it is full 20 minutes later. So chew slowly, it is healthier.

Eat More Food

-Starving is not a solution if you are trying to lose weight. All you need is to eat well. Focus on eating smalls meals with all required nutrients included.

Eat Grain Food

-Grain food is important source of fiber essential for intellectual and physical growth.  Grain food is also a good source of carbohydrates and proteins necessary for normal function of your organism.

Avoid Red Meat

-Lower your cholesterol to normal level. Eating Fish or chicken as your daily meat intake will help you achieve this.

Eat Food Rich In Calcium

-You must eat calcium enriched food and try to add this new rule in your healthy habits list. Milk is the best source of calcium. One or two glasses per day is enough. If somehow you can’t drink milk, try consuming almonds, mustard greens or red kidney beans.

Use Less Salt

Salt is main cause for water retention. So avoid eating salt if you have problems with high blood pressure.

Eat Garlic and Onion

-Onion is decreasing  the blood pressure and garlic is used to reduce the cholesterol level.

…and most of all  Feel The Flavors and Notice The Changes

-Eating well is not always enough if you do not feel and enjoy in the flavor of the food you eat. Tasting and enjoying healthy food in real sense will give you satisfaction and you will feel better. Experts believe that you will be more successful, if you gradually introduce changes.

You will notice how healthy food works on you and what kind of positive changes it is making. As time goes by, you will change your bad habits and the organism will absorb only healthy food,  so you will know it is better to have healthy body and soul.