Finnish Photographer Proves Fairy Forests Are Real In Finland

There are countless reasons to fall in love with Finland and the Finns. First of all, these folks are said to be the happiest on Earth!

And who wouldn’t be if living in the country of Lapland, Santa Claus, the northern lights, stunning wildlife, Finnish Vodka, and Saunas? A Finnish wildlife photographer, Ossi Saarinen, 23, tries to show his enchanting motherland to the rest of the world through nature photography.

His photos reveal untouched, ancient forests, spectacular scenery, and charming wildlife roaming freely in their natural habitat. He was passionate about nature and animals his entire life, but he got into photography in 2015, with a family of foxes being his first photography object.

He explains:

“My typical photographing day starts before the sunrise when the animals are most active. I grab my camera and zoom-lens, put them in my backpack, and head out to the forests near my home. Most of the time is walking around searching for the animals or laying down and waiting. When the day gets brighter I go back home to rest and prepare for the evening.”

Ossi considers every encounter between the animals and humans an unforgettably amazing experience. His work shows the way Finnish people respect and take care of the land and animals living there.

Ossi’s first book “Luontokuvia -- Opi kuvaamaan eläimiä” was published in February 2019, and he says:

“It represents all my favorite photos and the stories behind them. It is also a story of my own development as a wildlife photographer. In the book, I give lot of tips and tricks so that anyone can become a better nature photographer. The book is only in Finnish and available in Finland at the moment. It’s possible that it will be translated in the near future.”

His breathtaking photos show Finland at its best- looking like in a fairytale!