Feisty Cat Fights Her Own Reflection After Seeing It In The Mirror For The First Time

A cat owner from China filmed the reaction of her feline when she first looked at herself in the mirror- and it is hilarious!

Our mirror teaches us a lot of things about ourselves, and sometimes, the look at it can be terrifying. One feisty kitten is well aware of this!

After seeing herself in the mirror for the first time, a two-year-old British shorthair from China, named Qian Wan or ‘Hundreds of Thousands’, suddenly became hostile!

The feline is caught on camera while confronting her enemy in the mirror, hissing and scratching the furniture in an attempt to fight her own reflection. She becomes aggressive and launches a full-on attack at the reflector.

Her owner then jumps to hold the mirror, and trying to calm her down:

“Hey, hey, that’s enough.”

  • A feline called Qian Wan or ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ in China was filmed while trying to fight her enemy in the mirror- herself

Her owner, known by her surname Deng, 27, posted the video on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, and it went viral.

Ms. Deng, 27, explained that this was the first time the cat saw herself in the mirror and added:

“[She] gets very jealous. She can’t stand being with other cats and often attack them. She also gets into fights with dogs.”

  • After seeing herself for the first time in the mirror, the cat became aggressive

To prevent her cat from getting angry again, Ms. Deng started turning the mirror facing the wall when it is not used:

“I tried putting the mirror in the bedroom and forbade her from entering the room. But it wouldn’t work. is so curious that she would try everything to come in when she’s not allowed to do so.”

She also explained that she named the cat ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ hoping that it would make her a handsome profit from the business she has with her husband.

  • The reaction of the cat is hilarious, and the video of it went viral on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok

The hilarious reaction of the cat amused millions of people online!

We all understand why, don’t we?

Source: whatsnew2day.com