FDA Said That Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

The Associated Press has reported that the FDA finally provided evidence that the chickens that received the drug were actually positive for inorganic arsenic on tests.

Even though this has been ignored for some time, the FDA has finally decided to announce that the chicken meat we all buy from the stores in the U.S. contains arsenic, which is an extremely toxic chemical which leads to various health issues, cancer, and even death.

Yet, the most disturbing fact is that the arsenic is actually intentionally put in chicken.

Namely, in 2006, the IATP’s report Playing Chicken: Avoiding Arsenic inside the meat you eat, showed that even 70 percent of the chickens in the U.S are fed with arsenic in order to boost the weight gain and to get the normal healthy color in the case of hogs, chickens, and turkeys.

The FDA found that half of all chickens have absorbed this toxin inside the liver.

The agency even urged Pfizer to stop the process of production and creation of Roxarsone, the arsenic-containing drug used in this practice in order to fatten the chickens and make their meat bright pink.

According to the wall Street Journal:

 “The agency pointed out not a long time ago that a performed research which included 100 broiler chickens which discovered inorganic arsenic at bigger levels inside the livers of chickens healed with 3-Nitro opposed to the mot treated chickens … Pfizer pointed out that the sale of 3-Nitro it will certainly be forbidden by early July in order to give the animal producers to transmit to another treatment.”

The FDA goes on denying the reality and claiming that arsenic in chicken meat is in small amounts which are perfectly safe, even though the arsenic-containing product is taken off and removed from the shelves of the stores.

What is a fact is that arsenic is extremely toxic for our health, and its ingestion leads to extremely severe side-effects.

The University of South Carolina Department of Environmental Health Sciences warns that it is even 4 times more poisonous than mercury, and together with mercury and lead, it has damaging effects, especially to developing fetuses and young children.

Moreover, the trivalent Arsenic As+3 is 60 times much more toxic than the pentavalent As +5.

Additionally, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a research which found that people who ate bigger amounts of arsenic-tinged rice, during the absence of another common arsenic exposure, showed significant cellular changes linked to the creation of cancer.

Numerous reports show that the ingestion of arsenic has detrimental effects, including liver, kidney, bladder, and lung cancer, invasive squamous cell carcinoma; Bowen illness, and basal cell carcinoma of the skin.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you always choose healthy foods, and buy your meat and vegetables from a trustworthy, local store or farmers, in order to avoid or lower the side-effects of the added chemicals.

Source: www.organichealthteam.com