FDA Admits: Ketchup Does Not Contain Fresh Tomatoes, This is What We Actually Consume

We all buy potato chips once in a while, ketchup once monthly, and many of you surely have surimi sticks on their table.

Yet, what do we actually eat? What do we think we buy and what is actually packed in the products? For instance, it is extremely difficult to find fresh tomatoes in ketchup!

This is the truth

FDA admits that there are no fresh tomatoes in ketchup but only diluted tomato paste. (The pasta is made by previous boiling of tomatoes, and then they are dehydrated, thus losing a large percentage of the nutritional value)

Also the FDA has established guidelines for a number of contaminants that it will allow in our food supply.


Acceptable levels of mold contamination go as low as 15 percent in canned tomatoes to as high as 45 percent for ketchup. And the FDA allows up to 30 fly eggs per every 100 grams of tomato sauces, or up to two maggots per every 100 grams of tomato juice.

Potato Chips

The FDA only takes action when 6 percent or more of chips show rot from pre- or post-harvest infection.

Look at the following examples where you can find some shocking information about the processed food tricks:

  • A smaller package of tomato chips contains just one potato
  • A medium sized potato chips package contains 2 potatoes
  • Extra large potato chips packages contain about 4 potatoes
  • Surimi sticks contain no meat of shrimp, but finely ground fish

Once again, think about it now- what do you buy and what do you get for it ?!

Source: articles.mercola.com